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The Peters’ nursery now exists in the third generation. The
cultivation of special plants is headed by Jürgen and Susanne
Peters. Many of the regular customers of the last three years are
delighted by the optical changes of the nursery. With the creation
of a cozy sitting area in the middle of the nursery and the planting
of numerous presentation areas we want to contribute something
to the "nursery experience".

At present about 1000 different alpine species and varieties, and
an interesting Hepatica, Gentiana, Viola, Helleborus and Campanula
range is on offer. Since 1998 we are carrying an excellent range
of tall shadow plants, about 1500 kinds. To make the selection of
plants an extraordinary experience we have created a sales area
of 2500 m² in the middle of the nursery and the presentation area.
Through our participation in various exhibitions we will be once
surely close to you. We would be delighted to welcome you any time.

Plant quality: Most of the plants are cultivated in a 9 x 9 cm square
pot or 10 cm diameter round pot. Only for certain very shapy or food
intensive plants we use a 13 cm pot because of our love for the
plants. The big herbaceous plants are by and large sold in 13 cm
round pots to give the natural preferences of the plant a chance.

We would be pleased to get to know you personally or to meet you
again and to have a nice chat drinking tea or coffee in the
perannial nursery to talk about our common love for plants.

Jürgen and Susanne Peters

Staudengärtnerei Peters - Allerlei Seltenes
Auf dem Flidd 20 • D - 25436 Uetersen
Tel.: +49 (0) 41 22 / 33 12 - Fax: +49 (0) 41 22 / 48 63

Jürgen Peters

Susanne Peters

Florian Peters

Staudengärtnerei Peters - Allerlei Seltenes
Auf dem Flidd 20 · 25436 Uetersen · 04122 / 3312 · · Design & Programmierung: EHS

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